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Head Lake

Head Lake is located between the communities of Uphill to the west and Norland to the east. It is approximately eight kilometres long and five kilometres wide.

Head Lake is noteworthy in that its drainage basin arises from the almost completely uninhabited Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park to the north. The water of Head Lake is therefore extremely clean. The Head (or Fishog) river enters Head Lake from the north-east corner of the lake and exits from the north-west corner.

Head Lake is located in the transition zone between the limestone belt to the south and the Precambrian country to the north. As a result, it has a great variety of waterfront types, ranging from flat, level and landscaped lots to smooth, rugged granite shoreline. The northern half of the lake has many Precambrian shoals, which makes it a very favourable lake for fishing and kayaking. It tends to be a quieter lake than others in the region.

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Size: 3 miles wide and 5 miles long

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