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Dalrymple Lake

Also commonly known as Lake Dalrymple, it is located on the western edge of our region, a short drive from Orillia.

Lake Dalrymple is located in the transition zone between the limestone belt to the south and the Precambrian country to the north. Its unique feature is Avery Point, a finger of land that divides lower Lake Dalrymple into two parts.  One side, with its rocky shoreline and westerly breeze is a cool spot on even the hottest summer day. The other side with calm water sheltered from the breeze and sandy beach, is a hub of summer cottage life. There is lake frontage on front and back and it is just wide enough to accommodate a single row of cottages along the entire length. The point is a quiet cottage community.

The entrance to the Prairie Smoke Alvar Nature Reserve is at the south end of Lake Dalrymple Road. This 700 acre property is part of a network of nature reserves encompassing nearly 8,000 acres. These reserves have been established for protection of the many declining grassland bird species, and the preservation rare alvar habitat and plant species. The Prairie Smoke Alvar Nature Reserve is open to the public. [source: Regional Guidebook, Serving Kawartha Lakes, Ramara and Brock]

Photo of Lake Dalrymple courtesy: Rent Cottages Simcoe

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