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Buying a Getaway in Ontario’s Cottage Hot Spots

Gail McCormack, the owner of Kawartha Waterfront Realty, recently shared her observations about this year’s cottage market in the Kawartha Lakes with Tess Kalinowski, a real estate reporter for the Toronto Star.

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Kawartha Rivers Also Deliver an Authentic Waterfront Experience

When people are ready to start looking for a waterfront cottage, they often focus their search on lakes and overlook rivers. “If you don’t have to own on a lake, you can find a riverside cottage that offers an experience to rival any…

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Thinking of Buying? What is the Road Access to the Cottage Like in the Winter?

If you’re ready to buy a cottage, you should think about whether winter sojourns are part of your plans. Although it may be a four-season weekend retreat, don’t overlook how accessible the cottage is during the cold-weather months or the condition…

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The Advantages of Cottage-Shopping in the Cold-Weather Months

With a fresh year on the horizon, you may find yourself yearning for a cottage to call your own by next spring. 

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the market cycle for recreational properties in cottage country has a distinct…

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Buying a Cottage? Think Beyond the Property

It’s a wonderful feeling when you’ve been cottage shopping for a while, and you finally come face to face with the cottage that jingles your jangle. You already have an emotional connection with the property and the waterfront. And you can imagine…

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Looking for a Cottage? Don’t Forget the “How Long it Takes” Factor

If you’ve visited the Kawarthas, you likely don’t need an outline of the advantages of owning a waterfront retreat in this swathe of Ontario cottage country.

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And How About the Sun?

If you are serious about buying a particular cottage, don’t overlook the sun factor. It’s important to consider the path the sun takes as it travels over a cottage property.

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Which Way Does the Prevailing Wind Blow?

It may seem trivial, but the wind – and the waves or choppy water it creates can compromise your enjoyment of a recreational property. Wind and waves can be especially problematic when the shoreline is rocky – making swimming, launching, bringing…

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Finding a Kid-Friendly Cottage in the Kawarthas

If children are part of your family dynamic, the suitability of a recreational property to youngsters will determine how much you enjoy it. Indeed, a cottage should be a getaway where you relax and kick back - not a source of anxiety.

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Autumn is the Ideal Season to Shop for a Waterfront Cottage in the Kawarthas

Although the summer is over, memories of warm, languorous days still linger. And you may catch yourself daydreaming about owning a cottage in the Kawarthas by next summer.

The market cycle for recreational properties in cottage country has…

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