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Haliburton Cottages

If you are looking for a more rugged landscape to purchase a cottage, Haliburton is the place to look - it is called the Highlands for a reason!

The Haliburton region is one of the higher points on the Canadian Shield, ranging from 1,066 feet (325 m) to 1,450 feet (440 m) above sea level (wikipedia). With this elevation brings great trails for mountain biking and hills for skiing. The many rivers and deep lakes hold a variety of species for fishing and endless boating or paddling opportunities.

With just under 16,000 people the population ratio in the summer months is about 3 to 1 (summer / year-round resident). Within this smaller population, creative talent is abound. There are many studios and artist galleries throughout the area which makes weekend excursions a vibrant experience.

Owning a cottage in Haliburton County isn't for everyone, but for those that appreciate the terrain, culture and active lifestyle, it is hard to convince them of anywhere better!

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