Winter is a fun time to try fat biking

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Winter is a fun time to try fat biking

Date: 01/20/2019 | Source:

It's easy to feel cooped up in the winter time, especially for those that enjoy outdoor activities in the warmer months. Fat biking is a great activity to combat winter blues and get some outdoor exercise in the winter! Cottage Life said, "Fat bikes are easier to ride on technical terrain because you’ve got more grip, more stability, and can ride slower. It’s an adventure bike that’s fun year-round." Look around for a winter biking community near you to make new friends and have some fun! Are you game to try biking during these cottage country winters?

Fat biking in cottage country is easy even for biking newbies | Cottage Life

Fat bikes were conceived for extreme races in the dead of the Alaskan winter.I love to be the first person to try something, so in 2008 we started importing fat bikes from Alaska, and I spent the winter commuting on one.

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