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Winter cottage technology

Date: 10/26/2018 | Source:

Imagine this scenario - you closed up the cottage for the winter but now you want to head back for a weekend in a winter wonderland. Wouldn't it be great if you could turn on the heat before you get there so it's nice and toasty? Turns out you can! A wifi-connected thermostat is a great idea for those who occasionally visit their cottage in the winter. Cottage Life said, "Working with the app and your phone's GPS, a geo-fence tells the thermostat to turn up the heat when you're, say, 150 km from the cottage, so it's warm when you arrive two hours later."

Tech to prep your cottage for winter visits

You closed up the cottage at Thanksgiving. Now you want to squeeze in a winter visit. Easier and cheaper, thanks to tech. "New systems can get quite sophisticated," says Sharron Lawson, the VP of sales and marketing at Alliance Security, a company that specializes in alarm and monitoring services. "You don't pay for heat or electricity when you're not there, but the cottage won't be freezing and dark when you show up on Friday night."

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