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Why you love to be by the water

Date: 04/10/2019 | Source:

Why do humans love being by the water so much? It actually comes down to science. Water has an emotional value to people that is demonstrated by science. 

Cottage Life said about water, "What we cottagers experience, as we swim, float, boat, or simply drink it in, literally or figuratively, is real in a neurochemical sense, in a psychological sense."

If you want to learn more, there was actually a whole book written on the subject! Blue Mind by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols would be a great book to pick up this summer as you relax by the lake. 

The science behind our connection to water | Cottage Life

Blue Mind, Nichols posits, is something like a meditative state induced by proximity to water.Often those who’ve read Blue Mind or heard Nichols speak confide to him that they thought they were the only ones who felt this emotional connection to a body of water.

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