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Why cottages are so special

Date: 09/28/2018 | Source:

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time at a cottage can tell you that they find a special place in your heart. Whether your family owns it or you rent every summer, precious memories are formed there! Cottage Life said, "Owning or renting a cottage shows that you enjoy and respect all the beauty and wonder this magnificent earth has to offer, if we in turn look after it. Engaging in the natural world demonstrates our ability to unplug and reconnect to nature, family, friends — discovering that it’s the simple things in life that matter and participating in cottage life allows time for more of this to transpire." If you are looking to buy a cottage to create a space for those memories, give us a call! 

5 reasons why cottages are sacred places

Cottages are not only a financial investment, they are an investment in our souls. More and more people are renting and buying cottages, so there must be reasons why beyond what we might initially think.

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