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What to do during a snow squall

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What to do during a snow squall

Date: 02/06/2019 | Source: http://kawarthanow.com

There was a snow squall watch on 1/30 and 1/31 in the area - were you prepared? 

First, you should have an emergency kit in your car and home for all winter weather! Don't get caught without essential supplies. 

Snow squalls can cause complete whiteouts on roads, so avoid travel if at all possible. "The National Weather Service advises delaying travel until after a snow squall passes. For those who find themselves in the middle of a squall while driving, reduce speed, turn on headlights and avoid suddenly braking."

Safety first! Stay warm!


Snow squall watch for northern Kawartha Lakes including Fenelon Falls | kawarthaNOW

Although the snow squall watch has ended for northern Kawartha Lakes, Environment Canada has now issued a snow squall watch today (January 31) for Lindsay.Additionally, the snow squalls may affect areas even further inland near Beaverton to Lindsay today.

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