What’s true and what’s false about ticks

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What you need to know about ticks

Date: 08/09/2018 | Source:

Ticks are a very serious concern, but there is a lot of false information out there. For example, did you know that not all ticks carry disease? Ticks must be attached for 24 hours to transmit lyme disease, "And a tick, depending on its life stage, can take at least 10 minutes before it even begins the process of attaching to a host. This is why doing a full-body check and showering right after a hike in tick-prone areas is key." Covering up with clothing is a great way to protect yourself, but burning or smothering an attached tick definitely will not help you. Click the link to learn more!

What’s true and what’s false about ticks

Ticks, bites, and Lyme disease are all serious business. But that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors. “That would be worst possible outcome,” says Ken Deacon, an entomologist and the coordinator of the vector-borne diseases program with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. “Summers are short. They’re meant to be enjoyed.” Instead, arm yourself with knowledge: learn what’s true and what’s false. Then get out there and take on the rest of cottage season.

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