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What cottage renters are looking for

Date: 04/12/2019 | Source:

When people are looking for a cottage to rent - what sorts of things are they looking for?

Many are looking for lakefront access, so if your cottage is right on the lake it's a good idea to showcase that in the main photo! Make sure photos on the listing are bright and not blurry. Cottage Life said, "Remember: you can be offering a beautiful property for a reasonable price, but if your photos don’t tell the right story, then your chances of renting will be slimmer."

Often, renters are looking to visit an area that has fun attractions nearby as well! Include local attractions in your listing. 

What's the biggest thing you can do to attract more renters? It's probably to advertise as many beds as possible. Entire families often like to vacation together, so if you don't have enough beds those families will have to keep looking. 

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