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Tips for painting the cottage

Date: 01/23/2019 | Source:

Is 2019 the year you paint the cottage? Cottage Life put together a list of the five best paints for cottage use. They say you will likely need an exterior stain for projects like refurbishing furniture. An alkyd paint is a great choice for decorative wood pieces like planters! For a fun touch, try some chalkboard paint! Leave messages for your family members or let renters leave their "mark" on the place. Kitchen/bathroom place is great for lakefront properties because it resists mildew. Finally, try some rust-inhibiting paint/primer for metal outside, just make sure you get the old rust off before you repaint!

5 paints you'll need when painting at the cottage | Cottage Life

Of course, what product you choose depends on where the paint is going, so to get the expert’s perspective on what paints you absolutely need at the cottage, we spoke with Sharon Grech, a spokesperson for colour and design for Benjamin Moore & Co.Grech suggests using chalkboard paint close to your

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