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The best shoveling tips

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The best shoveling tips

Date: 03/05/2019 | Source:

Shoveling snow is difficult and can be dangerous, especially in cold temperatures. It's important to be as efficient as possible!

Start with a quality shovel - you don't want to do more work than you have to because of bad gear! Also, use proper form to avoid straining your back. Space your feet and hands apart as you shovel and try not to twist. 

Cottage Life said, "It’s easy to start vigorously digging into the snow in attempt to get the exhausting chore out of the way, but to prevent injuries, make sure you take breaks as needed."

You could also turn shoveling into family fun! Work together to shovel the driveway and make a big sledding pile for later!

Tips for safer, more efficient snow shovelling | Cottage Life

A big storm storm today means a big item on your to do list tomorrow, and one that can have a big impact on your health if you don’t take proper care or practice good shovelling techniques.Today’s shovels have sturdy yet lightweight aluminum shafts that are easy to grip and often curved, which m

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