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The best parts of cottage life

Date: 10/09/2018 | Source:

Some people have a shiny, unrealistic expectation of cottage life. In reality, it's not perfect but we love it that way. Cottage Life said, "Real cottagers have a more varied diet that can include beans and wieners, potato salad, macaroni, and peameal on a bun. The presence of bacon, potato chips, and sticky buns are sure signs of a real cottager." It's dogs rolling in the mud and then running into the house, messy hair from spending all day on the boat and happy carefree memories to last a lifetime! Cottage life is all about embracing those imperfections, letting loose, and having fun. 

Why you should embrace all the imperfections of cottage life

Here's a dark little secret: I have never eaten a s'more. Not a single one. While I realize the sickly triumvirate of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker is widely revered as one of the holy pillars of cottage life, I'd rather have a hot dog. Or a carrot stick.

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