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Summer’s end chores

Date: 09/05/2018 | Source:

There's always something to do around the cottage. This year, get ahead so you are not scrambling when it's time to close up! Cottage Life said, "Cottages are magical places where needed items seem to disappear (has anyone seen the barbecue tongs?), while unwanted ones accumulate (hello, every back issue of Us Weekly ever)." They are so right! Each item you discard now is one you won't have to worry about next spring. Pest proofing and crime proofing are always a good idea, along with checking your roof before the winter. Last, tidy up the yard before the temperatures start to drop!

6 chores to get done by Labour Day

Labour Day is traditionally when you raise a glass to another successful season at the cottage. Well, that’s always the plan at least. But instead of celebrating, how many of us actually spend the last long weekend of summer frantically trying to work through our closing-up checklist? Here are six chores you can get out of the way now so that you can really throw down on Labour Day.

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