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Style inspiration from the Big Easy

New Orleans is full of charming little houses, and their style is truly unique!

If you want to style your home like the french quarter, try adding some iron details in your fences and your decor. Gold trim and a lot of detail on the ceiling are also part of their unique style.

Add a few vintage signs to your walls or decorate with some jazz instruments like a trumpet or a saxophone! If you don't want to spend on the real thing, just include them in your art. 

Cottages and Bungalows said, "The name 'New Orleans' brings to mind the soulful sound of the saxophone,  street performers, Mardi Gras masks and sugar-dusted beignets."

Check out the link for some more inpiration!

Tour Historic New Orleans - Cottage style decorating, renovating and entertaining Ideas for indoors

On Royal Street, follow the sound of live music and you will find Café Beignet, home of the best beignets in the city.Across the way from Antoine’s, on St. Louis Street, stands Leah’s Pralines, home of the best pralines in New Orleans.

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