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Snow bunting feature

Date: 12/20/2018 | Source:

It's always so fun to see the creatures that visit us in Kawartha Lakes during the winter time! Snow buntings are cool little birds that breed up into the arctic but head a little farther south in the winter! These guys will actually burrow into the snow to stay warm sometimes! Fun fact - sometimes they are called snowflakes because a flock of them can look just like a snow flurry from a distance. Cottage Life said, "Buntings spend most of their time on the ground, constantly in motion as they forage for seeds: hopping, running, and scooting around, pausing briefly to rest and preen every so often." Have you spotted any yet this winter?

Wild Profile: meet the snow bunting | Cottage Life

Snow buntings breed in the Arctic tundra—farther north than any other land-based bird—and make their nests in the crevices and fissures of cold rock.This makes the cold season the best time to spot the birds.

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