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Rules for renters

Date: 07/30/2018 | Source:

Cottage Life has a list of five ways for renters to be invited back, and many would be great to share with those renting your cottage! Leaving the cottage like they found it and being respectful of the neighbors are great ways to be invited back. If you're putting together a list of rules for renters, adding that they should not leave any food behind is a good way to prevent pests. Of course, they should always treat your place as if it was their own. 

5 ways to ensure a return visit to your cottage rental paradise

From the moment you arrive at your cottage rental, you know this is the place. The one you want to come back to every summer. So, best to avoid doing something that will earn you a black mark in the cottage owner’s books. Luckily, being a good renter isn’t hard. Just follow these five simple rules:

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