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Protecting your home or cottage from fires

Date: 04/10/2019 | Source:

Did you know? Cottage Life said, "Each year over the last 25, about 7,500 forest fires have raged in Canada. And while the total area burned varies, the average is about 2.5 million hectares annually."

In order to protect your home or cottage, prune the bottom branches of trees that are nearby. Make sure you rake up loose leaves and clear out your gutters as well! 

Also, practice fire safety and follow all rules and regulations. Never leave a fire unattended and put them out thoroughly. 

How to keep your cottage safe from forest fires | Cottage Life

Each year over the last 25, about 7,500 forest fires have raged in Canada.When it comes to forest fires and cottagers, however, the forest is not an issue.

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