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Proposal for flexibility in growth plan

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Proposal for flexibility in growth plan

The city of Kawartha Lakes has a growth plan proposal that puts less pressure on urban areas. MyKawartha reported, "The relaxed standards would mean that Kawartha Lakes can continue to maintain its existing intensification target of 30 per cent rather than increasing to 60 per cent. The city can also maintain its greenfield area density target of 40 residents and jobs per hectare rather than potentially increasing to 80 residents and jobs per hectare." This plan puts a focus on flexibility as well. Some rules and regulations would be relaxed such as the density target and more flexible settlement boundary rules. What do you think of the proposed plan? 

Growth plan flexibility a better fit for Kawartha Lakes

Proposed changes to the province’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe would take the pressure off urban communities in Kawartha Lakes and allow for gradual growth in more rural areas of the city. The proposals, announced this past week by the provincial government, follow a push f

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