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Paint projects to tackle this year

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Paint projects to tackle this year

A new coat of paint can completely change a space! 

Have you ever considered a bright color for your doors or windows? How about painting over brick to change the color but keep the texture?

If you're not ready for a huge project like that, paint some decorations! Old soup cans, furniture, or even your kitchen island can be drastically changed with some new paint! 

Cottages and Bungalows said, "A quick coat of paint can easily add a pop of color or a whole new look." We agree! Have fun with it!

10 Simple Paint Projects - Cottage style decorating, renovating and entertaining Ideas for indoors a

These 10 simple paint projects will make your home colorful and lively, without breaking the bank or your back.If you want more paint projects, check out this article on painting planters.

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