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Nautical design inspiration

Date: 05/22/2019 | Source:

Nautical design is classic, and it's perfect for a waterfront cottage!

Hygge Houze featured a Harbourside Cottage and said, "You'll notice that he used white on the walls and the ceilings to lighten things up, but he painted the wood floors a deep blue that emulates the sea." Fun idea!

The house has a classic design on the exterior but uses fun, unexpected colors on the interior! The oil canvas paintings bring that classic feel inside and tie it all together. 

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A Fresh Take on Nautical Decor in this Harbourside Cottage

The nice thing about the decor ideas Ken displays in this cottage is that they can be applied to any type of home or cottage.Ken gathered some great art for this cottage with a total of 36 oil paintings throughout the home.

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