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Making rustic current

The rustic style has always been a staple in cottage decor, and we don't expect that to change anytime soon! You can mix that rustic style with current trends for a winning combination.

For example, wood furniture and a top-notch fireplace will always be in style. You can accent that with large artwork and a pale color scheme. 

Real Homes said, "Whether you live in the middle of the countryside or in the heart of the city, celebrate the beauty of nature with woodland-inspired prints."

How do you incorporate rustic style?

Cottage living rooms: 11 rustic decorating ideas

So, look for traditional seating designs, teamed with soft and comforting materials – soft tweeds, warm wools, classic checks, linens and tickings are all good options to create a rustic cottage living room.For more advice and inspiration, check out our guide on how to choose paint to decorate a

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