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Local lunch program doing great work

We love seeing our community coming together to support kids, and that is exactly what happened this summer. MyKawartha reported, " It was brought to the attention of the Food Security Working Group of Kawartha Lakes Food Coalition that some students in Lindsay get anxious and sad during the summer months about not having enough to eat, especially without school lunch/snack programs in place." So the Summer Outreach Lunch Program was created and over the summer 1,384 lunches were provided. If you want to get involved, contact Kawartha Lakes Food Source at 705-324-0707!

Summer Outreach Lunch program reaches hundreds of children

If it takes a village to raise a child, a town can also come together to help feed kids through the summer month as sometimes kids just need a little bit more.  This is what’s happened in Lindsay this year, where an innovative Summer Outreach Lunch Program pilot was launched, providing healthy bagged lunches to children.  

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