Ice fishing safety to maximize fun

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Ice fishing safety to maximize fun

Date: 03/06/2019 | Source:

Ice fishing is fantastic fun during winters in Kawartha Lakes!

If you're heading out on the ice it should be at least 20cm thick - don't guess. Also, always wear some sort of flotation device and don't go out alone!

Remember, it's not just common courtesy to mark your hole. It's mandatory and it could save someone's life!

Cottage Life said, "Each time you abandon a hole, be sure to clearly mark it with a large branch or another object that’s clearly visible from afar."

Here's to great fishing this winter!

6 safety tips every ice angler should practice | Cottage Life

A Cape Breton man is feeling grateful for his friend, who helped rescue him after he fell through a hole in the ice.According to Canadian Red Cross, ice should be at least 15 cm thick for individuals.

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