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How your wood ash could help local lakes

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How your wood ash could help local lakes

Date: 03/04/2019 | Source:

Did you know that saving your wood ash could help lakes in Canada?

Cottage Life reported that many lakes are low in calcium - but the ash could help. "The idea is to take the ash—which is about 30 per cent calcium, along with other nutrients including potassium and phosphorus—and begin sprinkling it in test plots in the region’s maple sugar bushes."

Try sprinkling some of the ash around maple trees on your property to help! Eventually you may be able to take your ash to a waste station so it can be utilized by this project. Cottagers have a lot of campfires - we could really make a difference!

Recycling wood ash could help calcium-starved Canadian lakes | Cottage Life

“If we have enough wood ash to satisfy the needs of the trees, the groundwater calcium levels go up, and streams and groundwater will convey some of that calcium to the lakes,” Yan says.For cottagers willing to haul ash to save local lakes, Yan says the Friends of the Muskoka Watershed are in ta

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