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How to decorate with fresh plants!

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How to decorate with fresh plants!

Decorating with fresh greenery is a fantastic way to liven up the cottage during the winter months. It looks good and it smells great! However, getting started can be a little intimidating. The truth is that it's probably easier than you think! The trick is to keep it hydrated. Cottages & Bungalows recommends soaking them in water and then patting them dry before you bring them into your home. If your house tends to be dry in the winter, the greenery might dry out very quickly. They said, "If that’s the case, skip the frustration of crispy, shedding greenery inside and simply decorate with it outside, where it will last for several weeks. Preserved greenery, pinecones and realistic artificial sprigs would be better options for inside." 

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A few years ago, I bought some fresh greenery from a local market and tucked it into the arms of my dining room chandelier.This set me on a path of minimizing the bins of stored Christmas décor in favor of using fresh wreaths, garlands and trees wherever possible.

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