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How to clean well at the cottage

Date: 05/28/2019 | Source:

Things get dirty at the cottage - and that's OK!

If you have tree sap stuck to something, just grab some olive oil from your pantry and it should come off in no time. 

Moss on your shingles can cause damage, so wipe if off with a bristle broom. 

If you have dust and pollen on your screens Cottage Life said, " Fill a bucket with four litres of warm water, half a cup of Borax, and two tablespoons of dish soap, says Melissa Maker. Using a nylon bristled brush dipped in your cleaning solution, scrub the screens to remove dust, pollen, spiderwebs, and whatever other bits of gunk or bug debris are getting in the way of your view of the lake."

Then get back to enjoying your summer!

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