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How much do you know about ravens?

Date: 11/21/2018 | Source:

Ravens are an impressive bird that can often be seen in cottage country! These amazing animals can be found over a wide range of the continent. They do often get confused with the common crow due to their all black appearance, but ravens are much larger with shaggier feathers and a tail shaped like a wedge! Winter is a very interesting time to watch ravens, so keep an eye out! "During the winter courtship season, mates will perform tandem dives and somersaults, careening towards each other to briefly touch wings or even claws mid-manoeuvre."

Wild Profile: meet the common raven | Cottage Life

Ravens are acrobatic flyers.In winter, these birds will gather in flocks to roost at night, but they usually like to hang out in pairs—they’re believed to mate for life.

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