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Green renovations

When it came to renovating their Muskoka cottage, this couple went green! Choosing sustainable methods for your cottage exterior can make a difference for both the environment and your pocked. The Globe and Mail said, "While this spiffy and sustainable new cottage cover hasn’t been installed long enough to calculate cost savings, it was ready in time to wow the crowds during the Ontario Natural Building Coalition’s Natural Homes Tour this past September." Click the link to learn more about the design process and the materials used in this renovation. 

Muskoka cottage sheds its skin for a sustainable new coat

Riley Snelling Once the old siding had been removed, Ms. Wong had a breathable weather barrier (Solitex Mento 1000) taped to the exterior, then the triple-glazed, wood-and-aluminum windows from Vetta Building Technologies with a 6.3 R-value were installed, most in existing openings.After the

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