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Getting Your Cottage Ready for the Market: Staging 101

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Getting Your Cottage Ready for the Market: Staging 101

Date: 11/03/2014

Staging is the art of employing marketing and decorating techniques to create an environment that buyers want to own or at least emulate. Today’s purchasers expect to walk into a well-showcased cottage - from the flow to the focal points to the emotional feelings evoked when they walk through the cottage. These are the key elements that need to be in place to motivate buyers to take their next step. When you stage your cottage, you adopt the mindset of the buyer and look at your cottage the way buyers will. Your goal is to set the scene so that buyers can imagine living at your cottage and visualize how they can best use the space. In fact, staging helps exhausted buyers mentally move in and feel confident that - when they take possession of your cottage - they’ll be able to relax. Staging involves creating a clean, bright, and airy environment. When you stage a room, you simplify or streamline furniture in the space for better traffic flow and to enhance the room’s spaciousness. You also showcase the architectural focal points of the room. When you stage your cottage, you may decide to neutralize a personal colour scheme or add touches of colour or accessories.

What are the benefits of staging?

  • Staged homes and cottages sell faster and for more money than non-staged properties. Staging helps to justify the listing price and bolsters your chance of getting your asking price as potential buyers are reluctant to table a low offer as the perceived value of the property is higher.
  • Buyers believe that staged cottages are well-maintained
  • Staging allows your cottage to appeal to a broader range of buyers
  • Staging provides your cottage with a competitive edge or a distinct marketing advantage over other listings in the area. Indeed, staged cottages stand out
  • A staged cottage is an ideal listing and marketing tool
  • 95 per cent of cottage purchasers buy on emotion or love at first sight. Staging helps create or contribute to the “wow” factor
  • Staging allows buyers to focus on the positive features of your cottage rather than the things in it
  • People find photos of staged properties more appealing than photos of non-staged properties. More attractive photos can help you heighten your cottage’s ‘cyber-curb appeal.’ Presenting your cottage in a positive way on the internet is critical as 84 per cent of potential buyers find their homes online
  • As staging requires de-personalizing, sellers typically pack up numerous belongings, which makes moving day a lot easier
  • Staged cottages and homes often garner better appraisal values
  • Building inspectors believe staged cottages are well-maintained

Kawartha Waterfront Realty will provide you with a staging consultation

Kawartha Waterfront Realty provides clients with a complimentary staging consultation. You will receive practical, inexpensive hints and ideas for staging your cottage. We occasionally help clients de-clutter their cottage and move furniture around to improve the traffic flow in various rooms. The results are highly effective. We are a leading brokerage in waterfront sales and effective staging plays a role in this success.

Photo courtesy of realestaging No Alterations Made - Creative Commons

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