Fun with your dog this winter

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Fun with your dog this winter

Date: 11/28/2018 | Source:

I don't know about you - but seeing my dog romping around in the snow and having a blast can make even the coldest winter days seem a lot more fun. Dogs have a great positive energy, and it's so much fun to have them around in the winter time! Cottage Life put together a great photo album of dogs living their best lives in the snow! If your dog breed isn't naturally suited to the cold, there are still things you can do! Image 6 shows a tiny dog in a stylish winter coat. You can also buy booties that will protect your dog's feet from salt on the sidewalks as well as the cold. Have fun with your dog this winter!

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There’s nothing better than a snow-loving dog to make winter a whole lot more enjoyable.While not every breed loves the cold — and some may need a coat and/or booties to stay warm — the puppers in these pics are having no trouble with the chilly winter weather.

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