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Forests reduce stress

Date: 05/06/2019 | Source:

Have you heard of forest bathing? For us that spend a lot of time in nature it might sound silly, but those in cities have found that spending time in forests helps their health!

Cottage Life said, "The practice of Forest Bathing is growing in popularity around the world as more trained outdoor guides offer this kind of mindful meditation while walking in the woods."

I'm sure many of you have figured this out already. Whether it's in your own cottage yard or down the road, there are many beautiful forests in Ontario to help you clear your head. 

For maximum impact, focus on all your senses. Really take in the beauty of nature around you!

How to turn your cottage walk into a stress-reducing "forest bath" | Cottage Life

Researchers also found the natural aroma of the forest—the essential oils or phytoncides that trees emit to protect them from insects and disease—activates natural killer cells in humans.Here are some tips to help you tap into the healing power of trees, and make your next walk in the woods more

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