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Explore Ontario!

Date: 09/14/2018 | Source:

I'm sure you'll agree with me - Ontario is stunning in the fall! Narcity came up with a list of things to do in Ontario this fall. They said, "If you love nature, castles, animals, history and cottage country, you've come to the right place. Ontario is crawling with interesting spots to eat food, stargaze, sightsee and take dreamy IG pics." Love the stars? Try the Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve! Sleeping Giant Provincial Park and Barron Canyon are perfect weekend trips for nature-lovers. Click the link for lots of fun ideas to try out!

Hidden Gems You Need To Discover In Ontario This Fal

Most people think of Ontario and immediately see CN Tower... and that's pretty much it. Most people don't know that there is more to Ontario than just Niagara Falls and Canada's Wonderland. The truth is, there is a multitude of secret sightseeing spots in our beautiful province, especially during fall!

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