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Does your cottage sign need an upgrade?

Date: 11/30/2018 | Source:

How is your cottage sign looking these days? If you have one, it's probably time to bring it in for the winter if you haven't already. Winter is  actually a great time to give it a makeover! Cottage Life said, "With just a few simple materials and some basic hand-lettering techniques, cottagers of any age or skill level can paint a new sign for the cottage that the family will be proud to hang." All you need is some scrap wood, sand paper, sealant, tape, and painting supplies! Get creative this winter!

7 steps for upgrading your cottage sign | Cottage Life

Sand rough corners and surfaces, then apply your background colour (one that contrasts with the letters) to all sides, including the back and the edges.Add a drop shadow by drawing 45° lines downwards and off to the side from your letters.

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