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Decorating outdoor spaces

Coastal Living  put together a list of 20 stunning coastal outdoor spaces. One common theme between all of them is seating! They said, "Multifunctional surfaces—like the surround of a fire pit, built-in seating, or even garden stools—are smart to have, especially if you plan on hosting large gatherings." When you have an amazing Kawartha Lakes waterfront in your backyard, take advantage of it! Summers are for sipping lemonade outside with friends and family. 

Our 20 Best Outdoor Decorating Tips Ever

Here’s a little-known designer secret: When you think you’ve gone bright enough with your shades outdoors, go brighter. Why? The abundance of natural light tends to temper bright hues, so even shades that seem a tad over-the-top in a showroom might be just perfect under the afternoon sun. Some of our fail-proof faves? Pineapple yellow or kiwi green—both sure to sweeten up your outdoor space.

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