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Cottages that don’t close

Cottages that don't need to be closed up for the winter are becoming more and more popular. Muskoka Region reported, "Four-season cottaging – a trend that has disrupted the autumn ritual of closing up the cottage – has created a desire for cottages built for the long term. Whether the new cottage is built to be a retirement nest or constructed with great grandchildren and their children in mind, a cottage that will stay in a family for the long term is a common client request to builders." Cottages are a place to gather and enjoy family, so one that could be used at Christmas time is a huge plus! 

Designing for the Long Term

Steve Mantle, owner of Summersweet Custom Design and Build Inc. in Norland, says about half of his clients ask for classic granite fireplaces in their new cottages.“More people are looking at the contemporary style with lower sloped roofs, but we are also building more traditional cottages,” explains Mantle, whose company’s services includes cottage design and building site consultation as well as construction and project management.

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