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Cottage Christmas Decorations!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - so it's time to decorate! World Market has some beautiful decorations that would look perfect at your cottage this winter! A festive wreath is a must, and wreaths with a nature theme are a great choice for a cottage!  There are also cozy, stylish stockings available and fun holiday plates! Liz Marie said, "I gathered my favorite Christmas decor from World market that screamed “cozy cottage Christmas” to me and I’m sharing them here with you today. I hope you guys feel inspired by all the finds from this post. I loved the gold stars, fresh green wreaths, & those cozy tree skirts that they offered." Click the link for more pictures and holiday decor inspiration!

The Best Cozy Cottage Christmas Decor From World Market - Liz Marie Blog

Sorry about that… well, we are finally approaching the time where everyone agrees Christmas decor should go up & then we have a break until the next argument comes when no one can agree when the Christmas decor should could down.So, today I gathered my favorite Christmas decor from World market th

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