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Christmas mantel decorating

The mantel is the center of Christmas decor, second only to the tree! These 24 beautifully decorated mantels were all inspired by cottage design, and will hopefully give you some inspiration! I personally love the initial charms on the stockings in mantel #1. From classic to minimalist, there's plenty to choose from! The Birch Cottage blog said, "Red and green will always remind me of Christmas, but so does white. Because who doesn't dream of a white Christmas?" How many stockings will be hanging above your fireplace this year? 

24 Classic Christmas Mantels - Christmas Decor Inspiration - The Birch Cottage

Get more Christmas decor and classic Christmas mantel inspiration from A Burst of Beautiful.If you’re looking for more Christmas decor inspiration, you might like these ideas from The Birch Cottage blog: I hope you’ll find a little bit of classic Christmas decor inspiration for your mantels a

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