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Cottage Care

On a sultry summer weekend, you want to spend as much time as possible sitting on your dock, feet dangling, the newspaper in hand. Although you can't ignore maintenance at your weekend getaway, you can still find ways to streamline chores and carve out as much leisure time as possible.Here, you'll learn tips and best practices to care for your furnace, your well, and your septic system. You will also find gardening advice to transform a ho-hum spot into a restorative waterfront retreat.

If You’re a Boater, You Can Help Stop the Spread of Harmful Aquatic Exotic Species

Exotic species can easily become lodged in your jet drive system and be transported if you take your watercraft from...

How You Can Help Lower Phosphorus Levels in Your Lake and Stem the Growth of Aquatic Plants

Here are the association’s tips: Try adding clover - which when cut naturally - adds nitrogen back into the lawn...

Waterfront Property Owners and Riparian Rights

Riparian rights are associated with access to the water, as opposed to ownership of the bed of the lake or...

Want to Build a Dock or Boathouse at Your Cottage? Use this First Call Sheet

The fact sheet can point you in the right direction if you’re contemplating one of the following projects at your...

Private Wells, Run Off / Erosion Protection and Septic Systems

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Types of Lakes and Docks in Ontario

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