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Boating safety

Date: 05/30/2018 | Source:

It's finally time to take the boat out! Don't get too swept up in the excitement and forget important safety measures, though. You absolutely must have enough life jackets for each person on the boat to have their own. Remember, "In Ontario, it's only legal to have alcohol on board if the boat has a permanent toilet, kitchen and sleeping area and is either anchored or docked." Be safe this season and have fun!

Safety should be top of mind as boating season begins, advocates urge

As warm weather arrives and the boating season kicks off, drowning prevention advocates are urging people to keep water safety top of mind. The safety reminders come after a canoe capsized Sunday night on the Ottawa River near the Deschênes Rapids, requiring four people to be treated for hypothermia. Three of the four people on board were able to swim to shore, but one had to be rescued by water rescue specialty teams. They were assessed for hypothermia before being taken to hospital. All were wearing life-jackets.

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