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Shack to cottage

Date: 05/09/2018 | Source:

With some imagination - anything is possible! After he retired, Brett van Sickle wanted to find a way out of Toronto. He used his imagination to renovate a garage/shack into a beautiful cottage home. The Hamilton Spectator reported, "The 800-foot space is on two levels. The ground floor contains the kitchen and living room, and the loft space has the bedroom and bath. The interior is mostly finished with shiplap style wooden boards painted Cloud White by Benjamin Moore." To see more pictures of the beautiful Scandinavian style click the link!

A cottage without clichés

The building was on the ragged end of rustic, but Brett van Sickle could see beyond the cobwebs. "It was used as a garage, and then a cramped apartment was put in, but it used to be a coach house of sorts." With imagination, van Sickle saw the frumpy building in Greensville as the perfect ticket out of Toronto. For 10 years, he danced with the National Ballet of Canada. When he retired in 2015, he saw no reason to stay. "I was always trying to escape the city, and I thought maybe I should listen to that."

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