8 tips for cycling at the cottage

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Cottage cycling

Date: 07/10/2018 | Source:

Riding a bicycle is a great way to stay in shape - and what better place to get outside than the beautiful Kawartha Lakes? Cottage Life put together a great list of tips for getting started! Bicycles available for guests can also be a great feature when trying to rent your cottage! Be sure to get bikes that can handle multiple terrains for the best usage, and don't forget helmets! "Replace it automatically after you fall and hit your head; also replace any helmet that’s five years or older."

8 tips for cycling at the cottage

Cycling in the city is great. But cycling in cottage country is “most definitely better,” says Fraser Chapman, the president of Toronto’s Morning Glory Cycling Club and a cottager on Lake Rosseau, Ont. “The vistas, the nature … and then getting back to that dock after a ride and going right for a swim — it’s just phenomenal.” Wanna try it yourself? We asked Chapman for his top tips:

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