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Top Tips for a Safer Autumn at the Cottage

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Inspections – Some helpful tips

Annual inspection of your fuel-burning appliances at the cottage is a critical step in protecting your family against carbon monoxide.

  • Find a TSSA-registered fuels contractor in your community at COSafety.ca
  • Check to see if your inspection includes all your fuel-burning appliances and their systems such as the:
                - Fuel supply
                - The device itself
                - Chimney/venting system, areas around the device
  • Obtain more than one estimate and review the information gathered before selecting a contractor
  • Ask for a written inspection report when the job is complete

Things to Know About Carbon Monoxide (CO)

The best way to avoid CO exposure is to eliminate it at the source.

  • CO is a leading cause of accidental poisonings in Ontario every year
  • Over 80 percent of all CO deaths and injuries in Ontario occur in homes
  • Symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to the flu without the fever
  • CO has no odour, no colour, and no taste

For more detailed information about carbon monoxide visit COSafety.ca

TSSA is an innovative, not-for-profit safety organization dedicated to enhancing public safety. Throughout Ontario, TSSA regulates the safety of fuels; elevators and escalators; amusement rides; ski lifts; boilers and pressure vessels; operating engineers and upholstered and stuffed articles.