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Sep 26, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Top Tips for a Safer Autumn at the Cottage

As the weather turns colder and you spend more time indoors, use the safety tips from the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) to stay safe and enjoy the autumn season.

Jul 15, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Cottage Fire Safety Checklist

Although your cottage is a place where you relax and unwind, don’t overlook fire safety at your weekend retreat. Ensure that you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the following:

May 30, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Marine Hazard Marking on Balsam Lake

(The following information is from an article by Jeff Taylor, which appeared in the Balsam Lake Association’s 2016 newsletter.)

May 06, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Dredging at Your Cottage in the Kawarthas

If you own a waterfront cottage in the Kawarthas, perhaps you’ve dreamed about deeper water close to your shoreline that’s more idyllic for swimming. Indeed, some people don’t want to wade out into chest-deep water to swim. Kawartha cottagers who seek deeper waterfront but don’t want to sell their cottages will often investigate the prospects for dredging on their property.

Mar 31, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Do You Have a Cottage on Balsam Lake? Recycle Your Old Electronics Here

The idea of spring cleaning – and purging – can be daunting. If you’re gearing up to clean and cull at your Balsam Lake cottage, getting rid of your old, unwanted electronics has just become less tedious and complicated.

Feb 24, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

How to Safeguard the Water Lines at Your Kawartha Cottage

Your cottage water line can freeze in the winter. If you visit your Kawartha cottage on winter weekends, and the temperature plunges, leave an inside water tap within your cottage turned on slightly so that it trickles and keeps water flowing to avoid freezing.

Jan 26, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Kawartha Lakes Enhances Service Centre Phone System

The city has taken a step in making telephone communications with municipal service centres more streamlined and efficient.

Jan 18, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Reminder to Kawartha Cottagers – Septic Disposal Rate Increase

In 2015, the city increased the septic disposal rates to reflect the increased cost of operating wastewater treatment facilities.

Jan 15, 2016  |  Cottage Resources  |  

How to Guard Against Frozen Water Pipes at Your Kawartha Cottage

The pipes in your cottage can freeze in cold weather. If your pipes freeze, you may have no water or your pipes could burst, which leads to expensive property damage. There are steps you can take to prevent your pipes from freezing and also protect your cottage.

Dec 09, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garbage at the Cottage 101

Here are a few simple tips to help keep animals out of your garbage at the cottage:

Dec 08, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

2016 Recycling and Waste Calendar Now Available

The 2016 Recycling and Waste Calendar is now available at municipal service centres, libraries, city hall, and participating retailers in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Nov 16, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Cottage Smoke Alarms 101

The basics

The toxic smoke unleashed in a house fire kills. Flames are an obvious danger however in most cases, flames cause structural damage, but smoke is the primary cause of death. New building materials contain increased levels of toxins and chemicals, which can smolder for extended periods of time creating large amounts of smoke before producing flames.

Nov 06, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

A Visit to Your Closest Municipal Service Centre in the Kawarthas Could Pay Dividends

Although you may only visit your Kawartha cottage on weekends, if you take a day off during the week and head to the Kawarthas, it’s worth visiting your local municipal service centre. You can find service administrators as well as other municipal service providers such as building inspectors, public works area managers, and fire prevention inspectors at the various municipal service centres in Kawartha Lakes.

Nov 03, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Is it Time for a Dump Run? Here are the Autumn and Winter Landfill Hours in the Kawarthas

In the autumn, activity at the City of Kawartha Lakes landfill sites slows down. With the departure of seasonal residents and a decline in commercial activity and construction, the city routinely reduces hours at some of the landfill facilities.

Oct 13, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Get Out the Rake, Commune with Nature, and Remember these Collection Dates at Your Cottage

Perhaps you’re feeling rakish about autumn’s imminent work on your cottage property. Indeed, there are plenty of trees in Kawartha Lakes. Once the crimson and golden leaves start falling, it’s time to think about raking and leaf-management methods.

Sep 18, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Maintaining Your Dryer at the Cottage Can Help Prevent Fires

Lots of people save their laundry for weekends. If you own a cottage and your weekdays are chaotic, you may take your laundry with you to cottage country as one of your weekend chores.

Aug 14, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Electrical Safety and Your Cottage in the Kawarthas

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) offers the following advice to ensure your electrical system at the cottage operates safely as well as general tips to help you make the most of your time at the cottage.

Aug 07, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Thinking of Upgrading the Wiring at Your Cottage in the Kawarthas?

Perhaps you’re planning to upgrade the electrical wiring in your cottage over the next couple of months.  For your safety, you should hire a licensed electrical contractor.

In fact, the laws have changed. Only electrical contractors licensed by the electrical contractor registration agency of the Electrical Safety Authority are permitted to conduct electrical work anywhere in Ontario. Indeed, it is illegal for electrical contractors, including electricians, to operate a business without an E.S.A. license.

Wiring is complicated, and mistakes can be serious. A licensed electrical contractor can get the job done right. Licensed electrical contractors are qualified, competent, and insured in keeping with the law. They also understand the safety requirements associated with electrical installations.

To confirm the electrician you are planning to hire has a license, ask for their license number.

For a list of licensed electrical contractors, call 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233).

Jul 10, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Tackle a Paint Project at Your Cottage this Summer and Help Save the Environment, Too

Perhaps you have plans to paint your porch at the cottage this summer or to spruce up a bedroom with a fresh coat of paint.

Jun 26, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Why is a Shoreline Road Allowance 66 Feet?

If you’re a waterfront property owner, you probably know shoreline road allowances are critical in cottage purchases. But perhaps you’ve wondered why most shoreline road allowances are 66 feet.

May 15, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Cottagers and Residents Urged to be Cautious While Burning Despite End of Ban

The City of Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service lifted its annual burn ban for April on Friday, May 1, but residents and cottagers – are still asked to exercise caution while burning.

Apr 15, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Wise Sellers Should Prepare an Informal Cottage Manual

Ours is almost nine years old. We’ve jotted notes on the margins, updated contacts, and made photocopies of the original document.

Mar 05, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

How to Protect Your Cottage Water Pipes Against the Frigid Cold

We hope you don’t have to worry about the pipes freezing at your cottage again this season. Nonetheless, it was minus 26 yesterday morning, which seems brisk for early March. In fact, we received a phone call at 5:30 a.m. today from our security company to inform us of a low-temperature alert at our cottage in the Kawarthas.

Feb 27, 2015  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Do You Always Forget the Waste Collection Dates in the Kawarthas?

If you’re in Toronto during the week and in the Kawarthas on weekends, you may find it difficult to keep all of the collection days straight. As someone who shuttles back and forth between the city and cottage country every weekend, I know I do.

Nov 03, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Getting Your Cottage Ready for the Market: Staging 101

Once you’ve made the decision to sell, it’s time to turn your cottage into an appealing and marketable property. The way you live at your cottage is not the best way to market your cottage. In fact, your cottage becomes a product on the market and, like any product, it must show well to achieve optimum sale.

Oct 10, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Now that Summer is Over & Your Friends Visit Your Cottage Less Often, Unwanted Guests Come Calling

It’s the wee hours of the morning and you are knocked from your sleep by the sound of scurrying within the walls of your cottage bedroom. It’s horrifying to realize you are sharing your space with at least one mouse. And it feels like such a violation.

With the summer officially over, it is now the season for those most unwelcome cottage guests. Although mice are well-adapted for living year-round in cottages, in autumn, as colder temperatures take hold, they migrate indoors in search of food, warmth, and shelter. That’s why cottagers are especially likely to stumble upon mice during winter.

Aug 06, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Thinking About Selling Your Kawartha Cottage? These Renovation Projects Pay Dividends

We checked in with brokers and real estate agents within our brokerage to find out where they advise would-be sellers to concentrate their renovation efforts at their cottage in the Kawarthas. They gave us the following suggestions about projects that provide the highest return when you decide to put your cottage up for sale:

Aug 05, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

City’s Facebook Page Helps You Keep on Top of Recycling at Your Kawartha Cottage

If you live in Toronto, you probably find that recycling at your Kawartha cottage is less straightforward. After all, you need to know what you should place in the blue box and what belongs in the green box. You also have to remember whether it’s green box (paper recycling) or blue box (container recycling) week. And it’s easy to lose track of the City of Kawartha Lakes’ recycling and waste calendar in a messy drawer at the cottage.

Jul 30, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

A New Loan Program Will Help you Fix the Ailing Septic System at Your Cottage in the Kawarthas

If you have a cottage in the City of Kawartha Lakes and you’re worried about your deteriorating septic system, you have a solution, thanks to a new municipal program introduced a few months ago.

May 23, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Algae, the Kawarthas, and You

(The following information is from the Kawartha Lake Stewards Association)

Who needs algae?

May 09, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

If You’re a Boater, You Can Help Stop the Spread of Harmful Aquatic Exotic Species

The Balsam Lake Association has the following advice for boaters to help stem the spread of harmful aquatic species such as the Eurasian water milfoil and Zebra mussels:

May 02, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

How You Can Help Lower Phosphorus Levels in Your Lake and Stem the Growth of Aquatic Plants

The Balsam Lake Association has the following advice for cottagers and waterfront residents: keep phosphorus levels low with a green, chemical-free lawn.

Apr 17, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Waterfront Property Owners and Riparian Rights

If you own land that borders the shore of a navigable lake you may have certain rights known as riparian rights.

Apr 01, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Want to Build a Dock or Boathouse at Your Cottage? Use this First Call Sheet

The Lakeland Alliance has created an excellent fact sheet to help you identify who you should call if you’re planning work around your waterfront. The “Best First Call” fact sheet will enable you to determine which regulatory agency you need to contact to acquire a permit for your shoreline project.

Jan 03, 2014  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Keeping your Cottage in the family

The vacation home your family loves has grown in value over the years. Now, as you consider transferring its ownership, you wonder about the capital gains taxes. Here are some smart strategies to help reduce taxes when leaving your family cottage to loved ones.

Dec 06, 2013  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Aquatic Weed Harvesting / Herbicide Permit Application Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

In the attached PDF download, learn about the specific project application guidelines set by The Ontario Ministry of Environment. The ministry is the authority that specifies the chemical to be used and the chemical application rates and methods. A copy of the application is included.

Sep 19, 2012  |  Buyer ResourcesCottage Resources  |  

Types of Lakes and Docks in Ontario

In the attached PDF downloads, learn about the different types of lakes in Ontario which includes swimming quality, aquatic plant growth, species habitat, and how human activity can alter the lakes. As well learn about the types of dock structure you may need and best practices in building them.

Sep 19, 2012  |  Cottage Resources  |  

Private Wells, Run Off / Erosion Protection and Septic Systems

It is important to protect our municipal and local drinking water supplies, as well as our groundwater. Through education and collaboration, communities can identify potential risks to local water sources and take action to reduce or eliminate these risks. Attached are PDF downloads from Conservation Ontario about Private Wells, Run Off and Erosion Protection and Septic Systems.