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What you should know when selling your family’s cottage

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What you need to know if you are thinking about selling

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If you are thinking about selling a family cottage you know that there are many hard decisions to make. It is in your best interests to work with a professional real estate agent because we can help you with complicated issues like boundaries, taxes, and shoreline property rights. The Star said, "The land underneath a lake or a river actually belongs to the Crown (the government), and public ownership may extend beyond the waterline and up the shore on some properties. Buyers will want to know if they’ll have to provide public access to boaters and sunbathers on what appears to be their own private beach." We are more than happy to work with you and help you through this process!

What you should know when selling your family’s cottage

I recently inherited the family cottage and I want to put it up for sale. Are there special considerations for selling a cottage? When buying or selling a vacation home, your first steps are to find a real estate salesperson and a lawyer who have handled sales of recreational properties and the unusual issues they can present. Since this is an inherited property, there may be special tax or estate considerations to navigate. Water and septic issues: You may wish to arrange for a pre-listing home inspection. Certain items, such as oil tanks, wells and septic systems should be inspected by someone who is qualified and knowledgeable to do those inspections. Also be aware that the contract for the inspection may contain limitations regarding if and how the inspection report may be shared with buyers.

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