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DIY cottage repair tips

Date: 07/31/2018 | Source:

Many cottagers like to save some money and do basic repairs themselves. Cottage Life has a list of a few you can probably tackle! If you have a leaky pipe, try the SharkBite product that makes repairs easier! Fixing a wobbly dock post is something you'll have to do at some point, so Cottage Life said, "If any part of the post or its anchoring point is rotted, forget fixing it; plan on replacement. But if the wood is good, a few carriage bolts through the post and into a rim joist or other neighbouring beam can turn a staggering support into one as steadfast as an oak stump." Have faith in yourself and give some repairs a try! Just remember, if you ever feel unsafe it's definitely time to call the professionals. 

10 repairs every cottager can master

Eventually, everything needs fixing. This is especially true in cottage country and more often than not the experts are few and far between. Here are some basic fixes that every seasoned cottager should know.

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