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Catalogue of Waterfront Properties Listed on MLS®

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You will find current waterfront listings in the Kawartha Region and beyond, all at your fingertips.

CREA (the Canadian Real Estate Association) has created a Data Distribution Facility (DDF™) that gives us online access to a national pool of listings. This facility enables us to disseminate MLS® listing content through this website. The content is accurate, updated daily and is filtered to include only waterfront properties. As such, our website is a one-stop shop for active waterfront listings. You can search for listings of interest to you in our Market Area or browse for waterfront anywhere in Canada that your curiosity may take you.

Participation in DDF™ is optional and many brokerages have not yet made the decision to consent to their listings being shared through DDF™. However, the expectation is that participation rates will be very high by 2014 if only because brokerages must contribute their listings to the national pool before they can pull listings from it.

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